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1941         Born in Hae Joo, Korea
1964         Graduated, Painting Dept. of Hong-Ik University
                Graduated, Graduate School of Hong-IK University (M.F.A)

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017         Gallery Shilla, Daegu, Korea
2015         The Page gallery, Seoul, Korea
2000         Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1997         Jo Hyun Gallery, Pusan, Korea
1992         Mook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1990         Wolverhampton University Gallery, U.K
1986         Inax Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
                Dong San Bang Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1982         Five Towers Micro Hall Center, Augustfenn, W. Germany
1981         Kwan-Hoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1980         Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1976         Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017         Rhythm in Monochrome Korean Abstract Painting, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo
2015         Beyond Painting, The Columns Gallery, Seoul
2014         A Form as thinking-Rediscovery of Drawing, Museum San, Wonju
2013         Empty fullness : Materiality and spirituality in contemporary Korean Art, SPSI Museum, Shanghai
2012         Danseakhwa Korean Monochrome painting, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwachon
2011         The opeing Exhibition of Daegu Art Museum“Qui is Full – Section 1 Drawing Yi”, Daegu Art museum, Daegu
2010         Group Exhibition 2010 : Kim Jeunghui, Yun HyongKeun, Choi Myungyoung, Gonggan purple, Heairi
2009         Korean Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Roh Gallery, Seoul
                The color of nature Monochrome Art in Korea, Wellside Gallery, Shanghai
2008         Korean Abstract art:1958-2008, Seoul Metropolitap Art Museum, Seoul
2007         Abstract Art, Amusement on the Border, Nam Seoul Annex Building of the Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul.
                Critical Perspective-Some 130 Artists, From Early Modern to Contemporary, Art Blue, Seoul
                Tracing the Pioneers of Korean Contemporary Art, Hong-ik University Museum of Art, Seoul
2006         Korean Art 100 Years, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
                Reduction and Expansion of Contemporary Art-ORIGIN Painting Association 1962-2006, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
                Korean Art 1950’s-1960’s – Painting Groups, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
                Diversity in Form & Thought -Recent Works of Korean Artists, Beijing Art Gallery of Imperial City, Beijing
2005         Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition of Documenta I – For a New Art, Noam Gallery, Seoul
                Greece- Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition, Athene, Italy

                Interchange 2 - An Exhibition of 59 Selected Korean Artists, National Art School Gallery, Sydney, Australia
                The Seoul Art Exhibition 2005 - Painting, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2004         Invitational Exhibition of the 31 Prominent Artists of Contemporary Art, Jung Dong Kyunghyang Gallery, Seoul
                Seoul Contemporary Art Exhibition in Roma, House of Association of Architects of Roma, Roma
                Invited Exhibition of Korea Contemporary Artists, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
                Asia International Art Exhibition 2004, The Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Japan
2003         White Spectrum-Joseon White Porcelain and Contemporary Art, Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, GwangJu, Korea
                Drawing: It’s New Horizons, National Museum of Art, Deok-su Gung, Seoul
                The International Art Exhibition 2003, Hokkadio Asai Gakuen University, Sapporo
                Korea-Japan Contemporary Art 2003, Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul
2002         The 17th Asian International Art Exhibition, DaeJeon Municipal Museum of Art, DaeJeon
                Understanding of the Abstract Art, Sungkok Museum, Seoul
                Korean Contemporary Art from the mid-1970’s to the mid-1980’s -

                Age of Philosophy and Aesthetics, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
2001         Korea Contemporary Art from mid-1960’s to mid-1970’s:

                A Decade of Transition and Dynamics, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.
                Journey of Art I Senior 100 Artists(1911-1941),

                An Itinerary of 21C Korean Contemprary Art Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul.
2000         The Exhibition of the Plane Surface as Sprits, Busan Municipal Museum of Art, Busan
                The 3rd Gwang-Ju Biennale-Special Exhibition of the “Contemporary Art, Korea & Japan”, Gwang-Ju
1999         The Exhibition of “ORIGIN-2000-Good Morning”, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
1998         '98 PICAF-Light on the New Millennium-

                 Wind From Extreme Orient-Korean Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Municipal Museum of Art, Busan
1997          '97 Today’s Korean Fine Art Exhibition, Samsung Culture Center, Chon-Ju
1996          Korean Monochrome in the 1970’s, Hyun-Dai Gallery, Seoul
1995          Korea Contemporary Art-50 Years, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
1994          The Invited Exhibition of Korea Contemporary Art, Semi Gallery, Seoul
1993          12 Artists Contemporary Art Exhibition of Korea, Miyagi Museum of Art, Japan
1992          Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art, Simonoseki Museum, Nigata Museum, Japan
1990          The 10th Exhibition of Japan-Korea Contemporary Art 1990, Fukuoka Museum, Japan
1989          '89 Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ho-Am Gallery, Seoul
1987          Olympiad of Art: The International Contemporary Painting Exhibition Committee,

                  National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
1986           Commemoratory Exhibition of the Opening of National Museum of Contemporary Art "
                  Korean contemporary Art Today & Yesterday”, National Museum of Modern Art, Korea
1985           Art with Paper by Contemporary Korean, Held by Central Washington University, U.S.A
1984           Exhibition of Human Documents ‘84/’85, Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo
1982           Korea Contemporary Art Phase Exhibition, Kyoto
1981           Korea Drawing Now, Brooklyn Museum, New York
1980           Korea Contemporary Art Union Exhibition, Kwan Hoon Gallery, Seoul
1979           Korean Arts: Unique Methods of Today, Fine Art Center, Seoul
1978           Korea Art Grand-Prix Exhibition, Special Prize, Held by Han Kook press, Seoul
1977           Korean Contemporary Painting Exhibition, National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan
1976           Exhibition of Busan Contemporary Art Festival, Busan
1975-99      Exhibition of “Ecole de Seoul”, National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul

1973           Exhibition of Daegu Contemporary Art Festival, Daegu
1971           The 6th Cagnes International Painting Festival, Cagnes Sur-mer, France.
1970           The 1st Korean Art Grandprix Exhibition, Held by Han Kook Press, Seoul
1969           Exhibition of 11 Korean Young Artists, Solidaridad Gallery, Manila
1968-69      The Invited Exhibition of Contemporary Artists, Ministry of Information and Culture, Seoul
1967           Exhibition of Korean Young Artists Combined, Seoul.
                  The 5th Paris Biennale, Paris
1963-93       Exhibition of the ORIGIN Painting Association, Seoul

Museum Collections
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
Seoul Metropolitan Art Museum, Seoul.
Busan Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan.
Daegu Art Museum, Daegu.
Gwangju Metropolitan Art Museum, Gwangju.
Daejon Metropolitan Art Museum, Daejon.
Simonosseki city Art Museum, Simonosseki, Japan.
Mie Prefectual Art Museum, Mie, Japan.
Hongik Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul.
Posco Art Museum, Seoul.
Total Art Museum, Seoul.
Gidang Art Museum, JeJudo.
Walkerhill Art Museum, Seoul.
Leeum, Seoul, Korea.
Sejon Cultural Center, Seoul.

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